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QC-Health®, Inc., is convening a Board of Clinical Advisors—motivated, mission-driven professionals—to work with us on one or more solutions or interventions helping patients facing a specific health challenge or who need help overcoming a common care gap.


Based on our ideation with the Clinical Advisors, our QC-Health team develops a tangible solution and brings it back to the Clinical Advisors for feedback. In general, the solutions we create are relatively simple and do not require data integration. Mostly, we are concerned with compiling the right information (eg, treatment guidelines, calculators, patient self-management tools, links to free digital resources, etc) in a way that can easily be added to a clinical workflow without a business associate agreement.


After the solution is complete, Clinical Advisors are welcome to use the finished tool that they helped create at their organizations.


The entire process takes approximately 4-8 weeks, and meetings are no longer than one hour each.

We welcome PCPs, specialists, and patients, as well as other clinicians and thought leaders. The solutions we have worked on so far include helping patients with liver disease get diagnosed sooner, and we are now kicking off similar work for patients with renal disease. We always appreciate suggestions to tackle next!

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