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About Us

Who we are

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QC-Health is a cause-driven benefit corporation adept at working with provider organizations and other healthcare stakeholders. We have a track record for catalyzing innovation that improves patient outcomes. We fulfill our mission by sharing learnings with healthcare organizations across the country to help as many patients as possible.

What we do


Improving patient outcomes may come in the form of better patient experiences, quality and safety, healthcare access, healthcare equity, clinical decision support, disease and lifestyle education, and/or clinical or operational resources.

How we improve outcomes

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We work with a clinical partner and/or a financial sponsor (pharmacy, Pharma, professional society, health system, payer) to identify an at-risk patient population, then align our capabilities with the needs of the healthcare system to innovate improvements to care or outcomes for the target patient group.


Stacey Richter

Co-President, QC-Health, Inc.

Stacey is a 20+-year healthcare innovator specializing in niche market engagement, improving patient outcomes and workflow-integrated programs. She is also the co-president of Aventria Health Group and the host of the Relentless Health Value podcast.


Dave Dierk

Co-President, QC-Health, Inc.

Dave is a 30+-year thought leader in diagnostics, biomedical, long-term care, managed care, employer, and pharmacy communications.

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John F. Rodis, MD, MBA, FACHE

Benefit Director, QC-Health, Inc.

John is the founder and president of Arista Health, LLC, a healthcare consulting company whose mission is to drive quality, safety, and patient experience and reduce risk in hospitals and health systems. He served as president of Saint Francis Hospital from 2015 to 2020, the eighth leader of Saint Francis and the first physician to serve as president since its founding in 1897.

QC-Health®, Inc., is continuously convening working groups of Clinical Advisors—motivated, mission-driven professionals—to work with us on a solution or intervention addressing challenges.

Interested in being a Clinical Advisor? Apply Now!

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