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Together We Can
Improve Patient Outcomes


Identify an at-risk patient population

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Our first step is to select a specific pain point or care gap and the population that this issue affects.

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Align with the needs of the provider organization and patients

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Next, we will convene a Board of Clinical Advisors comprised of clinicians, researchers, and other contributors to assess the care gap and identify factors to solve for to improve patient outcomes.

Are you interested in being a Clinical Advisor?

Innovate solutions to improve patient care

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Then we will take the recommendations and develop a solution that can be installed in the provider workflow using our proprietary Outcome Guided Engagement® (OGE®) platform.

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The OGE platform is currently installed in 98% of the nation’s leading health systems.

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QC-Health®, Inc., is a cause-driven benefit corporation dedicated to catalyzing collaborative solutions for better patient outcomes. Together we identify an at-risk patient population, then innovate solutions that are utilized at the point of care.


This platform is an established process that can make a significant difference in patients’ lives.

Need a proven solution to improve patient outcomes?

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